Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ATTN : CEO. Compliment of the season.

Compliment of the season.
                   I am the Deputy Director of finance, foreign
payment approval dept. Philipines . My office oversees all
developmental projects financed by Asian Development Bank.

 With reference to an introduction and recommendation of you by a
friend who works in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Manila
, I do hereby; Wish to commence talk with you on a highly
confidential level. After due consultations with my colleagues, We
have decided to contact you in order to arrange for a possible
transfer of the sum of Five million three hundred thousand dollars
(US$5.300.000.00) into your account. This money is a subject of an
over inflated {over - invoiced}sum acquired from contracts awarded by
my Agency in the past years.

 The original contractors have been paid and all projects executed by
them commissioned. This over inflated amount cannot be withdraw
locally from the  paying Bank because the contractors concerned are
foreign Firms. As a matter of trust, honesty and secrecy, we have
decided to contact you as to assist us provide an account for this transaction if you have
accepted to assist and fully participate in this transaction,
        The terms of sharing the money after a successful transfer
will be discussed as you indicate your interest in assisting to transfer
this money. Immediately all these information gets to us, we will then
present every document to the paying bank. Be rest assured with our
connections, everything will be through within a short time. After
many years of meticulous services to the government and people of our sub region we would not want our image to
be dented. Therefore we expect you to handle this transaction with utmost maturity by keeping everything secret. I can assure you that if
our instructions are carefully adhered to, there will not be any hitch
Throughout the transaction, there is  no risk on your side, because we
have perfected the  deal very well over years.

After the transfer, we will be coming over to your country for further
sharing and possible investments.
I'm waiting to hear from you urgently through through your respond

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Saturday, September 2, 2023