Wednesday, July 1, 2009

:: Afrina's Growing Up To 9Months ::

Afrina dah nk masuk umo 9bulan 15hb Julai, tips kat bawah ni as a guide to me & other parents to see perkembangan baby kita ni normal mcm biasa like another baby or, for all my frenz, these are the tips.....

What You can expect from the baby are :
a) Baby can now easily pull him/herself up to a standing positions.
b) He/She can walk with support of parents or furniture.
c) Developed reflexes causes baby to shake, bang, drop and throw things.
d) Wave "bye-bye" wtihout fully understanding it.
e) Understand the word "no"

Baby Care Develpoment Tips :
Keep a pair of teddy bears or security balnkets for your baby. One, to hold and the other as a replacement.

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