Sunday, February 28, 2010

:: NurelL’s Craft First Giveaway! ::

How Sweet! =)

Gila join giveaway! heheheheheh...sympthom sgt suka join giveaway telah melanda diriku ini..=p Layan aje lah............. 
 -- > first time tgk banner nurell ni, da "jatuh hati" dgn all the craft, sgt cute..wondering kalo dpt 1 pun jadik la..(tp, kalo dpt sume, lagi bagus! kuikuikui..**ayat xboleh blah, sifat tamak haloba ade di situ..**
 so, harap2 dapatla yer..**saya mmg mengidam ni, bby dlm perut ndak sgt giveaway hadiah cute2 tu, heheheheheh..xbagus m'gunakan baby utk m'dapatkn, kalo da rezki sy, alhmdulillah...(^_^) **

NurelL’s Craft Team are giving away those lovely stuff above to our lovely friends, fans, customer and anyone that have been visiting our blog…
Three steps  to win:
  1. Be our Follower
  2. Post about this giveaway at your blog/facebook/website. Link back to this post so that other people can join too..You can use the picture above…
  3. Finally, leave a comment below and state the link of your post about this giveaway..
The giveaway items include;
  • 1/2 meter of blue-heart Grossgrain ribbon
  • 1/2 meter of pink-heart Satin ribbon
  • a dozen of oval cream buttons
  • a pack of sweet buttons
  • 5 pairs of colourful glitter hairclips
  • 1 crocheted flower Brooch
  • 1 wooden butterfly HP Straps (Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)
  • 1 small butterfly wooden pin (Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)
  • Felted cupcake
Wow…lovely isn’t it? with so many prizes…maybe you’re the lucky person..come and join the fun…it will end on 25th March 2010
Good Luck everyone!…;-)

**marilah join together2..


  1. Good luck...! ghajin join giveaway eh..moga2 ada luck k! ^_^

  2. >>mekasih mamalieyna..=)) hopefully gitulah hendaknyer kan...