Tuesday, November 16, 2021



I am General Laura J.Richardson from the USA working in the US Army but presently in Syria for a peacekeeping mission, I sincerely apologize for intruding into your privacy. I have something very important to discuss with you.

Some money in various currencies where discovered in barrels at a farm house in the middle East during a rescue operation in Iraq War and it was agreed by Sergeant Kenneth Buff and myself that some part of these money be shared between us, I was given a total of ($5 Million US Dollars) as my own share , I kept this money in a security company for a long while now which i declared and deposit as my personal and family treasure and it has been secured and protected for years now with the security company.

Now, the WAR in Iraq is over, and all possible problems that could have emanated from the shared money has been totally cleaned up and all files closed, all what was discovered in the Middle East is no more discussed, i am ready to retire from active services by the end of next month, but, i need a trustworthy person that can help me take possession of this funds and keep it safe while i work on my retirement letter to join you so that we could discuss possible business partnership together with the money.

I'll tell you what! No compensation can make up for the risk we are taking with our lives.

I'm seeking your kind assistance to move the sum of US$5 Million Dollars to you as long as you will assure me that the money will be safe in your care until I complete my service here in (Syria ) before the end of next month.

The most important thing is; "Can I Trust you"?As an officer on ACTIVE DUTY I am not allowed to have access to money, therefore, I have declared the content of the consignment as personal and my treasure. I would like to deliver to you. You will be rewarded with 30% of this funds for your assistance, all that I require is your mutual trust between us. Don't betray me when you receive the consignment.

Gen.Laura J.Richardson

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